The main subject of the offer is the Common Real Estate Management Agreement, which includes all the tasks necessary for regular and legal functioning of a real estate, in particular:
  1. Actions related to technical maintenance of joint ownership:
    • providing technical documentation of the building required by the regulations of construction law, including the building book,
    • subcontracting obligatory periodic technical inspections of the building,
    • securing repairs of the building and its technical installations within the owner’s guidelines,
    • assuring the current exploitation service through finding service providers, negotiating the prices and conditions of agreements with service providers, supervising the execution of services and, under certain circumstances, proposing changes of agreements with service providers,
    • securing constant supply of electricity, heat, energy, water, gas, as well as ensuring waste and garbage removal service for the building,
    • ensuring constant conservation of the building, including in particular technical installations giving the owners access to electricity, central heating, cold and hot water and gas,
    • safeguarding the maintenance of order and tidiness in spaces designated for joint use inside the building.
  2. Actions related to insurance of property:
    • insurance of property against fire and other random occurences; insurance of a joint ownership against civil liability; negotiating the insurance conditions with insurance companies,
    • preparation of damage protocols and maintaining contact with insurance companies.
  3. Accounting:
    • keeping record of incomes and costs, as well as drawing up annual reports,
    • cost analysis,
    • formulating a rational financial strategy for the real estate,
    • developing and control over the real estate’s business plan,
    • debt recovery and calculation of interest due for violating terms of payment in accordance with the decisions of the owners of the premises,
    • Internet payment system – banking service without the access to financial resources.